Be a Leader

Be A Leader

                                                                                                                                   I have worked with more than 8 organisations and tried to be a leader by knowledge transfers, trainings, delegation of responsibility and authority to my team members. In real sense I was able to achieve the same and developed many leaders in their respective sections and departments. I am happy to see them working successfully as a manager. But I feel pain when I see them not practicing how they were developed them as a leader. They fear to develop their subordinates of being over took by the subordinates if develop them. Upto some extend it is true also in current scenario. When a leader develops leaders in his department and they start performing independently, top management start feeling the obsolescence of the main original leader rather then assigning more of responsibility. They are the gem and can spread the same in the entire organisations. The chain shouldn’t break. Top management should identify leaders in the system and use them for the benefit of the organisation. Organisations grow due to leaders and not manager. Be a leader and develop your clone.

Tips to be a great Leader –

  1. Gain the knowledge of your work. You should be know all about your tasks.
  2. Identify the people who can learn and implement.
  3. Train them stage-wise. Never over deliver, it may vomit out.
  4. Monitor the progress.
  5. Help them to implement.
  6. Once he is able to implement successfully, delegate the task.
  7. Take regular feedback.
  8. Plan for further upgradation of self and team.
  9. Appreciate in front of other.
  10. Repremend if needed in closed chamber for motivation and encouragement and not for punishment.


Written by – Rajinder Singh Mann, MBA, M.Phil, Diploma Training and Development, P.G.Diploma Counseling and Behavior Modification. Have vast experience in various industries in the Field of Systems Implementations, Training and Development, Supply chain and Logistics. Have conducted more than 100 training programmes in the field of System Design and implementation, Inventory management, Warehouse Management, Inventory control and handling, Logistic  Management, Man Management, Communication Skills, Motivation, Team Building, Improving Productivity, and many more. Visit –


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