Thought For the Day – June




When we were born, our mind was like a glass full of clear and pure water. But as we grow older, we keep on adding pure and dirty water. So the quality of overflowing water depends on the water in the glass. If water is pure, overflow is pure, but if water is dirty, overflown water will also be thirty. To keep the water clean in the glass, we need to put some pure water in the glass regularly. Slowly and eventually we will be having a glass full of pure water and the out flow will also be pure and clean. Same thing happen with our thoughts also. So if you want to have good thoughts with you, keep reading good books, meet positive people, have a positive attitude, you will find one day you are left with only good and positive thoughts. Think it over and act now to have full glass of pure and clean water. Good day and नमस्कार।


11062017Everybody in this world passes through good and bad time. No one is spared of it. Bad time is a lesson taught to us of our mistakes we did in past, so that we can improve our way of thinking and amending our style of working. And good time is always an appreciation for us for our good work. Actually bad time makes us alone and we gets time to introspect, whereas in good time we are surrounded by people and spare less time for introspection and evaluation. Therefore in good time also keep yourself stable and keep improving to sustain it for a longer period. Good day friends and have happy Sunday….नमस्कार…

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