When the Going Gets Tough….


Everyday we all face various situations, various persons, and various conditions of life. Some of the situations are very pleasant and keep us cool and keep going. But there are some situations which are very difficult to face and sometimes they break us, demotivate us, suck our energy. There are persons who are very good and cooperative, their association ship solve even a bigger problem in no time, as if that was not a problem. But there are persons with who even a small task become a mountain. They become bottleneck and reason for our demotivation and failures. These are part of life. Difficult Situations and tough persons  test our acumen, patience and power to fight negativity.

Life gives us both thing Happiness and Sorrow, Healing and pain, Good and Bad, positive and negative. It is our choice and attitude how we take them. Happiness, Healing, Good and positive are always welcome, but sorrow, pain, bad and negative situation are  unwelcome by us. In good times we have help from life, similarly in bad situations also life give us help to solve in one way or the other. Help is always there, it is only matter of recognition and acceptance.

Here are some tips how to handle the bad situations in life.

  1. Keep and ignore the Bad Part – There are many situations and pains for  which we don’t have any solution, but we also don’t want that pain to affect our life. Therefore we should ignore it for time being, and keep going, fsamp1inding better options in life. Time will come when this pain will get cured easily and in no time. Every situation or problem has its life cycle. In the beginning it will start disturbing us and in peak it will try to break us. If we are undeterred, it will start dying and vanish after some time automatically. Ignorance is bliss. Basically we divert our attention from the pain and able to concentrate on our daily routine task.  It will die its own, when time come. Therefore detach from it and keep going.
  2. Some things can’t be controlled – There is a quotation said by unknown person – “Why worry about things you can’t control when you can keep yourself busy controlling the things that depend on you?”~Unknown”.  In rainy season some times we stuck up at home itself and unable to move for office. samp2        We start cursing the rain, which is not in our control. We spoil our mood and others also. We get pain and negativity rather. I have tested that when situation is not under control start diverting your strength /attention towards what you can do if can’t overcome the situation. Best solution is to do what you have in hand. Keep yourself busy in some other activity which will benefit you and overcome to face the bad situation. With passing of time either you will get control of the situation or the situation will pass itself. But yes you will be in better situation rather than fight with the awkward situation. Keep going is only the Mantra.
  3. Have patience, understand and learn from failures – Sometimes we are in a situation where we take samp3wrong decisions in our life and get demotivated and unable to think to go ahead and face the new challenges of the life which are in front of us. By the negative fruit of the failures we get dishearten. We tool  down and keep remembering the failure. The solution is with the failure itself. Understand the failure. Why we failed? What are steps which push us to fail? Where we when wrong and what went wrong? By asking these questions, we get the reasons and solutions which we could have done to prevent failures. When we learn from the failures, we understand our shortcomings and by knowing these, we become more strong and equipped to face the same situation again and we win, because we have already learned how to face and overcome the situation. Therefore understanding and learning from situations/failures is the basic rule to upgrade knowledge and progress in life.
  4. Ups and down are part of life, better understand – Life is full of ups and downs. No person in this world is spared by the life’s oscillations. With Birth come death, with happiness comes Pain, etc., All these are complimentary to each other. If we have on Happiness in our life then the meaning of happiness will vanish and if there is all pain in our life, the meaning of pain will also vanish. Therefore don’t worry in life , ups and downs are part of life and they infect boost our immunity system.According to a fable of Akbar and Birbal, Akbar drew a line on a wall and asked to all subjects to make this line shorter without touching or removing any portion of this line. All people thought at every angle, but did not get any clue how to make it shorter without touching it. Birbal was a witty minister; he was well-known for his presence of mind and providing the solution of the complex problems. At last, Birbal took this challenge to make the line shorter without touching or removing any part of the line. Everyone was surprised how Birbal would do that. Birbal took a chalk and drew a bigger line parallel to the existing line. In comparison to the bigger line, the existing line was looking short. Birbal  did it, without touching or harming the existing line.Larger line is called larger only if there is another smaller line and a smaller line exists until there is no other larger line. Therefore Ups and Downs are relatives’ terms and should be understood and keep going ahead despite of ups and downs. Life is full of oscillations, ups and down are inevitable.
  5. Keep going, the world is not going to wait for you – To Keep going is only the way of life. Life means samp4keep going, once you stop it is end of the life and death is accomplished. We all are competing with each other’s. As long as we are useful and helpful for other they will be with us. But as soon as we are unable to help or unable to move along, nobody will wait for us. They will leave us alone and move forward. This is practical aspect of life. Therefore always keep moving and because no one will wait for you. The only one person can move along with you is only you. Keep yourself healthy and positive and keep moving without get affected by the negatives of the life. The person who wants you will come along and who have other way to go will take their own course.

6. Change is only constant – The day we born, we are put into the cycle of change. Physically   our body changes from baby to boy, boy to young man,  young man to Man and Man to an old man. This is how   human life cycle is. When we were young, we were having curiosity how we will be when we will grow up as man. When we are in our middle (around 45-40) , we start feeling now the life should stop and we should be young forever. Which is not possible? Change is inevitable and it has to occur. Without change nothing is possible. Change is life and life is change. Therefore don’t get afraid of changes.Changes are always for good and betterment only. But we human are always Resist change. This is due to fear and insecurity. It is not that we can’t cope-up with the changes, it is because we are afraid of the unknown effect (good/bad) due to that change. It is all mind set. If we think change is for good, believe me it will be good for us and we asamp5ssume that the change is going to hurt us, it is also true it is going to hurt us in one form or other.Therefore accept that changes are always necessary for going ahead in our life and scavenging the old dirt from our life. Change always bring newness, zeal, learning, maturity, escaping from old junk, etc.,  in our life. Accept the change, enjoy the change and explore the change, it is going to benefit us.




Written by – Rajinder Singh Mann, MBA, M.Phil, Diploma Training and Development, P.G.Diploma Counseling and Behavior Modification. Have vast experience in various industries in the Field of Systems Implementations, Training and Development, Supply chain and Logistics. Have conducted more than 100 training programmes in the field of System Design and implementation, Inventory management, Warehouse Management, Inventory control and handling, Logistic  Management, Man Management, Communication Skills, Motivation, Team Building, Improving Productivity, and many more. Visit – www.posititude.com

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