Thoughts – Sept 16

Thoughts Compiled During the Month of Sept 16

30/09/16                                                                                                                           GIGO

What we intake is what we contain and what we contain is what we deliver. If we intake negativity, we will be containing negativity and deliver the same. If we stop intake, things can improve, but we all are looking outside and there is no reason why we can’t intake negativity. So to contain positivity and spread the same, look inside, feel the values and positive traits you are born with. Have visualization of your innate qualities and visualise feeling of peace, love and happiness. There is no reason that you contain and emit the same…good day.




29/09/16                                                                                                                   Balance in Relationship


Relations are to be maintained with adequate distance and importance. Too much importance and too much ignorance reduce the importance and value of relations. It is valid between spouses, parents and child, boss and subordinate. To have a happy and long relationship thinks before giving undue importance. Think it over, it is very very critical and sensitive issue. Have a great day friends…





28/09/16                                                                                                                        Building Relations


We build our relations need based whether emotional, physical, social or professional, which inculcate selfishness. In such kind of relations we demand first and as soon as our demands are accomplished, relations diminishes. So need based relations are always short lived. Build relations like sun, moon, water, air, trees, flowers…think it over, cultivate a habit of giving to have long-lived relations….have a great day friends…





27/09/16                                                                                                                      Face the Problems


The more we run, the more will be away from the problem, more away from the solution, bcz solution lies in the problem. Get inside the problem, prob into, that is what problem says. Face it, prob it, you will get the solution. Have great day friends…





25/09/16                                                                                                                   Seed Good to get Good




For the results we need to seed our thoughts and water them with rigorous hard work and perseverance. What we get the the result of our thoughts and efforts to achieve them. It is from inside and not from outside. search inside. Think it over….have great sunday💐🙏🏿






24/9/16                                                                                                           Mistakes are UN-Learned Lessons


Daily we make mistakes and when we come to know about it we become serious as if sky is going to fall on our head. Chearup, learn from the mistakes and laugh at yourself for making such a silly mistakes. Take mistakes and problems light and Small. Learn lesson and device a system for its prevention in future. Be light and humorous, life is beautiful and full of values to handover to you. Respect yourself and others. Have a great day.






23/09/16                                                                                                                      Listening is a Skill


Listening is prerequisite to learning. The person who learn will gain the knowledge & skills and knowledge & skills help the individual to lead himself and others. More over by listening, you conserve energy and by speaking you loose your energy. Think it over and make the right choice. Good day.





22/09/216                                                                                                     Be Proactive rather than Reactive


Attitude doesn’t buildup over a night, it became a part of our personality over a period of time due the practices, reactions and behaviour we apply to tackle the challenges in our life. To get rid of the bad attitude you need to read good literature, keep good friends, maintain your health, keeping mood fresh and happy, talk less listen more, be proactive rather reactive….good day and have a posititude…







20/09/2016                                                                                                       Set Your Goals and Focus

Once goal is set, plan the action points, take action, check the status of progress, regularly, if you find lagging, replan and repeat the circle from planning till redo. There is zero probability of failures to achieve the goal. Good day












19/09/16                                                                                                   Challenge yourself



What we think and do is very much below than our potential. When we challenge ourself, we will find that we got through and enhance our capabilities. Next time again when we challenge ourself and got through… continuous challenging makes us stronger and stronger…try it….











17/09/16                                                                                                                        Believe in yourself


We constantly look outside, which make us even more helpless. Whenever you are in problem, close you eyes, take a deep breath, slowly release the breath. Think of the difficult situations which you had succeeded with you own and then do the affirmation “if I can solve earlier problem, why can’t this? I will….”. Believe me, you have the power, try it, do it every time. Where there is will, there is way.  Good day…






16/09/16                                                                                                                        Be Connected



When we don’t want to be disturbed, we either switch off our mobiles or put it in DND mode. On the other hand  when our network fails, we start resuming it by checking the setting, battery, connection lines, router, even call the call centre to resume the services. I question many times that if some of our close friend/relation stop communicating  with us, then do we do sufficient efforts to resume the communication? Also on other hand if we stop commincation, do we give full thought to our decision. Stopping comunication is locking yourself in a box in isolation. Think it over….



15/09/16                                                                                                         Keep you reins in your hands



When we are weak, we seek help from outside and give control of ourselves in others hands. It may be procrastination, anger, jealous, hatred, diseases, adverse situations, failures, etc., So be strong, see inside, feel your strengths and your innate values. Beware, giving your reins in others’ hands is loosing your freedom. Enjoy your freedom and enjoy your day.




14/09/16                                                                                                         Your Actions solves the Situation



Situations normally overrides our mind and we respond impulsively losing our calm and opportunity to learn a new lesson to overcome it. We can wait for situation to over naturally or we can overcome and keep going. In first case we face failures and agony, whereas in second case we succeed and feel motivated. Whenever adverse situation comes, mend your thoughts, because thoughts command your actions. Don’t think of situation, think of the solution to overcome it.




13/09/16                                                                                                      Conflict Management



Conflict starts with argument, difference of opinion, not understanding each other’s concern. When expectation is higher than delivery, conflict occurs. Conflicts ends up either getting all or loosing all. When we lost many things in life then we understand the meaning of negotiation, respect, care and value of what we had. To avoid conflict, expect what is deliverable, develop for why and what can’t be delivered, respond and not reply, respect others situation and above all help each others to grow together….good day friends…




11th Sept 2016                                                                                  Set Your Goals



I have seen people frustrated, demotivated and discouraged, complaining they are unable to achieve and get success in life. Today what a bad day. The question I asked them to answer honestly, “do you have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals? 90% of them don’t know even what is goal, how to set goal, and how to reach and achieve. Indent induces Intention and intention create attention to motivate to set goals. This is starting point to ask why, what, when, where and how. Wakeup, start your day with planning goals for the day. And don’t forget to celebrate goals achieved end of the day….good day..






09th Sept 2016                                                                                               Be Strong



I find many times we give up hopes in front of others, situations, conditions, adversities. Actually god has many hidden plans for us for our benefits, which we couldn’t recognise. When we face a tough situation we forget to remember that this the path to excel ourselves out of the crowd and get attached to the impossibilities rather than possibilities, which gives opportunity to others to laugh at us. So never see adverse condition a problem, rather than look it as an opportunity to prepare for the success in future, planned by God for us. Face it and defect it, so that next chapter of success is initiated.



6th Sept 2016                                                                                           Time is Invaluable

time no
Time Is invaluable


In the morning we are wealthy with 86400 seconds and at end of the day, day’s quota is ZERO. In childhood we didn’t listen to parents , in youth never gave ear to teachers but now life is ready to teach us, we have no option to learn or fail. Why wait for life to teach, value the time you have, make use of every second, because you are losing them every moment .






06th August 2016                                                                                    Silence is better than bad Words

words hurtDamage of sword can be healed by the Medicines, but damage done by words may not be healed even for years. Sword hurt physically, whereas bad words hurts the soul and disturb the individual mentally. Whenever the individual sees you, he/she will be having the same feeling towards you, whereas you may have forgotten the incident. The wound is much deeper and sustain till the other have forgiven and forgotten you or he may have revenged.

So we should respect each other and shouldn’t use words that may hurt others. Because every person counts in our life, positively or negatively. It all depends on how we treat others.

If you have hurt someone, please reconnect with him/her and clear you motive behind the case. It should be cleared and closed, otherwise both will be suffering from negativity and hatred.



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