Life is all About Growth


Life is all About Growth

The moment we are in this world, we start growing. Seed until sowed doesn’t grow, but as soon as it is sowed into the soil, it starts respiration and growing. The moment it gets the water, air, sunlight and minerals it starts living.

Every moment we grow, lot of cells die and many take birth. Within 48 hours all our body is rejuvenated with new cells and new life.

When our body scavenges it’s system, then why we are unable to delete old and negative thoughts and think new every day. It is a question to be asked within. Why we are struck on past and don’t feel the newness and novelty of the new day? It is a question to be asked within.

Growth brings the following –

1)Brings newness to our body and thoughts.

2)It moves us from lower to upper level.

3)It brings happiness and sense of accomplishment.

4)It keeps us motivated.

5)It open new arena of life to explore.

6)It attracts others towards us.

7)It gives us more opportunities in life.

8)It brings cohesiveness.

9)It create path or course of action for future.

10)Growth Brings Livelihood.

How to Grow?

a)Have confidence in your self?

b)Plan in advance.

c)Prioritize the tasks according to importance and urgency.

d)Keep your calm.

e)Observe more, Hear more, Think more and speak when and where necessary.

f)Never procrastinate.

g)Forgive others.

h)Learn from the past and use the experience as tools in present and future.

i)Forget the bad experiences.

j)When in problem, analyse, think afresh, consult others, ask yourself “What do you want?”

k)Frequently write your successes. These will motivate you.

l)Always write lessons learnt from the bad experience. These will stop you repeating the mistakes and caution you when the situation surface again.

There are many more…keep moving ahead irrespective of the results, because life is all about moving and growing.



 Written by Rajinder Singh, having a rich experience in the field of training and                                development for the past 25 years. Has imparting workshops, training programmes on SCM, Logistics, Soft Skills, Motivations and productivity enhancement.


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