It is Never Late

It is never Late….

Due to our busy life, we made many mistakes in dealing people and situation. We even mismanage our routine life. But this doesn’t means that it is end of the world.  Error is Human. We are not born with skills to know all the adverse situations or the problem we will face in our life. We are born with minimum number of traits in our character which will further develop other skills and capabilities in us, to learn and face the situations in our life. We keep on facing favorable and adverse situations in our life, may it be at our home, office or in society. Both we face and handle the situations accordingly.

In favorable situations, we are happy, since we know how to handle and enjoy the favorable situation. But the problem arises when we face the adverse situation in our day-to-day life. Favorable situations inculcate Happiness, contentment and peace of mind in us. Whereas, adverse situation immediately put us in alert situation. Mind becomes restless, body become tense and we are on our toes. Many times we are unable to handle our emotions and feeling in adverse situation and we ends-up taking wrong decisions in handling the situation. It is just like, if remember, when we were kid and unable solve mathematical problems, we start asking help from friends and parents, without even trying, because it was new and we had not solved such kind of problem in past. Same habit persists in us even at our young and mature stage. Sometimes, even due to shame and shyness we don’t approach for help. We live with what we have, until and unless we don’t try to resolve the situation.

Newton’s first law states that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force.

According to science also the situation will never change until and unless some force is not applied on. Therefore if you want to change the current situation to a better position, re-think what you are doing and what you want from the life. If you are not getting what you want from the life, then start evaluating the situation and move to the change the constants in your life.

As we grow older, we start thinking that whatever we think is best, wherever we do is best, whatever decision we take is best, whatever we eat is best, all our thoughts are best. Due to this we start imposing our own thoughts and experience which may be obsolete over a period of time. The novelty in our life starts vanishing and we are surrounded by the old junks.

Do the things will remain same? Will we be doing same things in life what we have been doing? Is the life so monotonous?   No life is not like that. If you look at the lives of great leaders, you will find they never lived a monotonous life. They were always multifaceted persons. So if you want to break the monotony of the life you have to bring in the force which will force the monotonous state to mobility.

Based on my study and what I experienced in my life, following are few steps which will change your monotonous life.

  • Start your day with Prayer – Get up early in the morning. In morning the time you are fresh, your mind is cool and calm. Read some good literature which initiates your mind thinking in the right direction of posititude. Once you start your day with a positive note, your full day will be synchronized. Things will move from negativity to positivity. “Things will change, it is never Late, Act now…”


  • Meet successful people – Always keep company of positive and successful people. Even if the situation doesn’t allow interacting much, but the environment which is created around successful people always teaches you “n” number of things. You will get the positive energy and new Ideas. You will get chance to interact will other people who are attached to him. They are also at the same wave length, that is why they are in that circle of influence. “Things will change, it is never Late, Act now…”.


  • Greet the people you meet with smile and greet them first. You will see next time when they will meet you; they will try to greet you first. This is for all. This creates a soothing, supportive and favourable environment for you. “Things will change, it is never Late, Act now…”


  • Appreciate others – This is one of the test formulae when you can move even the undeterred person in your favour. Appreciation has a great power. Everyone in this world needs appreciation for his personality, his works and his thoughts. Just think the day when you have appreciated your spouse for good look. You will find him/her taking care of you and your needs. There is no harm in appreciating. Believe me, things will move. Try now, if your partner is annoyed with you for something, don’t do anything, just smile and pass-on the comment, “You are looking beautiful/gorgeous today”. “Things will change, it is never Late, Act now…”.


  • Forget and Forgive – Every person has his/her persona and set personality traits. No two persons can be replica, therefore differences are always evitable. You can’t change others. Many times we have differences and some people doesn’t know how to manage the differences, even though they may be right also, they use shortcut by imposing or hurting others to accept his or her point of view. So don’t think they have don’t intentionally, rather consider them as incapable persons who don’t know how to expression themselves. Therefore instead of criticizing and fighting for simple interpersonal conflicts, forget others’ deeds and forgive them. I have used this fundamental many times in my personal life with my wife, my parents, by brothers and sisters. I have applied the same in my professional life also and results are always positive. You buildup relations and ease your tasks accomplishments where others have to take part. So start afresh, “Things will change, it is never Late, Act now…”.


  • Try Try again. Never get dis-hearted, failures always teach us new lesson and learning. Learn from failures and attempt again. “It is never late, Act Now….” . The best example is of Abraham Lincholn, 16th president of America. He failed in his first business, but kept trying and succeeds. He lost 8 different elections, but keeps trying and become president of USA. He had a complete nervous breakdown before becoming president. He never give-up. He always believe in “It is never late, Things will change, keep trying….”.




This is not the end of the article. Keep reading articles on Time Management, Stress Management, Team Building and Management, Achieving your Goals and other articles on personality and performance improvement.

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