Give Your Boss Wine and Grapes

Give your Boss Wine and Not Grapes

Why Boss starts rejecting you?

During my service of more that 25 years, I had worked with more than 10 bosses. Managing your boss is one of the most important part of your job, rather I should say it is your one of the foremost duty to handle your boss. If boss is happy all will be in the right direction. One of My bosses told me that the relation between Boss and subordinate is like “Husband and Wife”. Loyalty, confidence, trust, inter-dependency and care for each other are mostly wanted in this relation.  Here we will discuss some of the major areas of concerned.

  • Saying “NO” – This is one of the most dangerous situation, when you decided to say “NO” to your boss. No boss loves to hear “NO” from his/her subordinates. Even though your are right and justifiable, but this is not accepted by any boss. So before saying “NO”, think twice and try to avoid to say “NO”. Manage the situation by using some other vocabulary. Before saying “NO”, present your views on the issue and remind same kind of situation where you/he has dropped the decision or have failed to succeed. Let the decision comes from him/her. Present the data and analysis to support him taking decision.


  • Procrastinating the tasks – There are situations where you are not able to complete the task on time or unable to even attempt due to laziness or scarcity of time or over loaded with work. Your boss may be having other subordinates; he may assign the same task to other person, in case you are unable to complete it. If it is a routine, it is an indicator that you are going to face a rough time ahead and have to face worst on employment front.


  • Talking Problem – When you start depending on analysis and decisions from your boss, it is time to depart. It is your duty to collect data, analyse data and provide the options to your boss to take decision. Never go to your boss with problem, rather go with Solution and seek his final approval on the decision you want to take. Always talk solutions for a problem. Boss doesn’t work with base-line data and analysis.


  • Involvement in your Tasks – If your boss is involved in helping you in your day-to-day tasks, it means he/she is investing his/her time in your task. This can’t be done for long. By doing so, your boss will start losing on his priorities and is not justifying his/her job. But it is your lagging that you are unable to perform as per the management. Your boss can’t save you for longer time. Every body in organization is watching you and your boss. So do your job yourself. If you need training on the job or training on skill development, do that and don’t waste your boss time in helping you in your job. Rather you should extend your hand in helping your boss to give some of your time to him. Save his time. Help him reminding meeting times, scheduling tasks, followup with others on his/her behalf. If he progress, you will also and visa versa.


  • Improper and inaccurate data – When you present your data with your boss, it should be in the desireable format and the data should be concise and accurate. Re-work on the data always create stress and which induce rejection and denial. You should present the decisional data instead of bulky database. All bosses wants Wine and not grapes. So always convert Grapes in Wine.


  • Over commitment – There are people, to impress their Bosses, accept all the assignments offered by the boss. Boss will be happy only if what to promise is what you deliver. If you don’t deliver, don’t take responsibility. Accept only what you can deliver. Your boss has “N” number of options to handle and delegate the tasks. If you do that, it will go against you. Even when your boss has task of your caliber, he will divert to someone else. Non-delivery creates un-trust and ultimately create problem in your assessment.


  • Personal Differences – Normally Boss will not align with your likes and dislikes. Therefore it is better for you to understand your Boss’s likes and dislikes. Align yourself with your boss’s likes and dislikes. Match your frequency with him/her to have a good relationship and understanding. Personal differences will be harmful for you only. Sooner the better, align yourself.


  • Asking for opinion – Never ask for your boss’s opinion, if not requirement. It is always better not to ask for. He/she will be having very fever opinion on the issue you want to have, because you knows the basic data and situation, therefore you have more options. If you ask one, then your boss will always see that his/her opinion are taken care. Therefore it should be always avoided to ask for any opinion in the initial stage. Even though if you want to know his /her opinions then prepares a list of opinions and present those to your boss. 99% your boss will give decision out of the list.


  • Over Smart – Don’t be over smart. Even though you may be best in technical skills or in analytical skills, but you can’t over smart your boss. Boss has all the powers and experience. Experience always has more weightage. Every person wants others with respect him/her and Boss has always a bigger ego. Take all decision in consultations with your boss. Indirectly you are doing the tasks with approval from your boss. If you do so, your boss will be always happy and will support you in all respect.


  • Build Trust of your Boss – By supplying half cooked reports, mistakes in the text, grammatical mistake, illogical wits, etcs., you irritate your boss. And if it is done repeatedly, for sure you’re going to lose his/her trust. Once trust is gone, everything else will go. The boss will either give all the tasks to someone else or will fire you left and right every time you do mistake, compelling you to quit.


In nut shell, you can’t play with your boss, be supportive by provide required data in the required format complete in all respect. Respect his time and yours. Don’t be over smart, and don’t try to teach your boss, understand his level and expectations. Maintain his self-respect by obeying his instructions and maintain your self-respe+ct by getting appreciation and trust from your Boss. End of the day, Boss should be happy with your performance and productivity. Your performance should boost his image also.


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