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It is Never Late

It is never late

Give Your Boss Wine and Grapes

Give your Boss Wine and Not Grapes

20 Rules for Success in Office


Our efficiency at work depends 80-90% on our attitude, mood and interest in the job. That depends on our thoughts and style of living. Here are 18 Rules which are beneficial for every one at their work place.

Rule 1 – On Way to office, listen light and your choice of music, which will make you mood before entry to office.

Rule 2 – Be Punctual to Office – Always reach your office before time and make work strategy for the day. This will plan your day.

Rule 3 – Understand Priorities – Start your day with checking your official mails and note down the priorities on a piece of paper. This will boost you start of the day. Prioritize the tasks according to importance.

Rule 4 – Audit your time – Audit your time. Time waste in gallery talks and gossiping with your colleague shrink you effective time. Avoid time consumed in unwanted activities.

Rule 5 – Make Plans  – Make a to do list and give priorities according to importance and urgency.

Rule 6 – Conserve Energy – Take break of 2-3 minutes every hour and review your plan. If needed think on rescheduling the important activity. This is refresh your mind and body and recharge you energy level..  Continuous working decrease your productivity. Therefore to conserve energy breaks are essential.

Rule 7 – In Meetings – Always talk on agenda of the meeting with examples and data. This will support your views  and suggestions.

Rule 8 – Do exercise – Exercise makes us physically and mentally healthy. Make habit of doing exercise daily, your remembering power will increase and will be tension free.

Rule 9 – Be Vigil and Cautious – Due to more  work and hectic wok schedule, we complete all the files very fast. Before releasing the files, recheck for vital points on which you have given your comments and decisions. Reassure work is done in desire manner.

Rule 10 – Give Credit to others – Working in a group is a team work. It is never a single persons efforts. Therefore whenever you get chance to appreciate other, give credit to the team for the successes.

Rule 11 – Take Help – If you are unable to do any job or perform well, take help and suggestions from others. There is no harm in asking for help.

Rule  12 –  Complete difficult jobs first – Many times we have to  job which we may not like to do, but we have to do them. Therefore  complete them first and then focus on the other jobs which are easy and in which you have interest. This  will help to drain energy.

Rule 13 – Day of Holiday – Holiday should be different from other days. Don’t get busy in checking emails and phone calls. Do something in association with the family members.

Rule 14 – Positive Attitude –  Keep your mood  light and work in good note with all your colleagues and team members. If you do your work with full interest, work will become a play and in play you never get tired, rather you become refreshed.

Rule 15 – Keep away from Negatives – Always keep a distance from the people who gossips and talk negative  about others  and life. They are not going to give you anything than tension and negativity.  Don’t mind their talk and them. Avoid them.

Rule 16 – Never indulge in Office Politics – New indulge and hear politics in office. This  will not give you anything rather divert you from you goal and focus. Keep Focus on your job.

Rule 17 – Criticism Helps – Hear the people who criticize you. They are your best friends since they tell you your short coming and negatives. Focus on those short coming and improve your self.

Rule  18 –  Continuous Learning – Be a Learner always – Whenever you get time and chance to learn do take interest and learn and improve your personal and professional skills.

Rule 19 – Teach and delegate – Teach your subordinate and delegate the jobs to them. They will get motivation and will support you to progress.

Rule 20 – Take Care of your team Members and Colleagues.


Written by – Rajinder Singh Mann

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